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Congratulations on your decision to embark on a study trip to Israel with us! We're thrilled to welcome you to this transformative journey. Your choice to be part of this trip is not mere happenstance; it's a divinely ordained opportunity that you'll witness repeatedly throughout your time in Israel.

As your feet touch the tarmac at Ben Gurion airport and you walk the dusty trails and explore the streets of Jerusalem, your life perspective and sense of purpose will be forever altered. We're honored to have you join us in studying the Bible in the very land where its stories unfolded. Thank you for making this impactful decision, and we look forward to the incredible experiences that await you in Israel.

Study Trip Application

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Application and Payment Process

If available, please include a copy of the photo page of your passport with your downpayment. If unavailable at that time, please mail or email the passport copy separately as soon as it is available.

1) Make all payments with check. (No cash or credit card please)
2) Your $500 per person deposit is due immediately. We will mail you an invoice with the billing schedule upon receiving your downpayment.
3) Make checks payable to: Talmidim Studies
4) Mail to: Talmidim Studies | Post Office Box 1, Sugarcreek Ohio 44681

Discover the Context of the Bible
Unveil the rich context of the Bible, delving into its historical, cultural, and geographical intricacies. Explore the profound layers of meaning that come to life when you understand the context in which the biblical narratives unfolded.
Study Trip Application
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