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Who We Are

At Talmidim Studies, our board comprises of passionate individuals, both men and women, who have journeyed through Israel and the Middle East. In this exploration, we've discovered newfound life and excitement in unraveling deeper truths about the Bible by studying it in its authentic context. As a collaborative team, we channel this enthusiasm into planning immersive trips to Israel and organizing engaging local events within our community. Our shared commitment is to foster an environment where the richness of biblical understanding comes to life through firsthand experiences and communal gatherings.

Our Mission

Our mission at Talmidim Studies is to see the the church come alive through individuals who are committed to obeying the great commission, to make many disciples “talmidim,” It is our vision to walk with God’s people to teach and equip them with the tools to strengthen the church. As we examine the scripture in its historical context and employ the original languages, we begin to see a very vivid picture of what God intends for his church to be. People who passionately walk as Jesus walked, to bring about the kingdom, to fulfill the covenant of Abraham and to be led by the Holy Sprit. Our desire is to love the Lord with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our strength. Deuteronomy 6:5 …and love our neighbor as ourself. Matthew 22:39 · Mark 12:31 · Luke 10:27

Discover the Context of the Bible
Unveil the rich context of the Bible, delving into its historical, cultural, and geographical intricacies. Explore the profound layers of meaning that come to life when you understand the context in which the biblical narratives unfolded.
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