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It was not long after Marcella became a believer and began to read the Bible that God clearly began to tell her of His work in Israel that He has for her. She obeyed His call, surrendering a promising career in Criminal Law, and moved east. Marcella now spends her days in Israel encouraging, loving on and blessing Jewish people in all walks of life.

An immediate love for the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people had already been born in her heart the day she came to faith. She felt and feels like Ruth, who spoke these words to Naomi: “Don’t press me to leave you and stop following you; for wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God will be my God. Where you die, I will die; and there I will be buried. May Adonai bring terrible curses on me, and worse ones as well if anything but death separates you and me.” –Ruth 1:16-17

Her desire to stand with and walk alongside the Jewish people is summarized by these ancient words of Ruth the Moabite to Naomi the Israelite. As Marcella cares for and shares her story with these Jewish people, she is also learning lots of amazing Biblical truths from them, that are transforming the way she sees our Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus).

Another part of her call is being a voice to the nations, specifically to Christians, from Jerusalem to speak the truth of what is really happening in Israel, and teach Biblical truth with regard to Israel. With her background in the study of criminal law she believes the Lord wants to use her to stand with and “defend” the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people. Several years ago she was walking by the court in the city where she would have worked. As she asked the Lord “Why are these other lawyers defending those that are being prosecuted and I am not? Why did you take me out of that work place?” an unexpected answer came: “They are called to defend those that are being prosecuted, but you are called to defend My people”.

Defend can imply many things, but for Marcella it means “to support in the face of criticism” and “to stand up for.” This valuable lesson was passed on for generations in her family as her great-great grandmother Maartje van der Stoel stood up for a Jewish medical student in the Netherlands during the years of World War II (the Holocaust). She found it her Christian duty to, with God’s help, provide this young man with a hiding place for 5 years.

The story of Marcella’s family and her personal calling inspires her to do the work God has given her in Israel, to stand with God’s chosen “for such a time as this.” –Esther 4:14

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