Covenant Chorale Choir Tour

Join us for a choir tour to Israel!
October 17-30, 2017

This is a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Christ through song with the local people as well as engage in biblical studies while walking in the land where many of these events took place!

Our mission at Covenant Chorale is to be an avenue by which followers of Christ are further directed in their walk with the Lord through music in a biblical setting. We desire to draw singers together from a variety of areas & walks to function in unity toward a common goal—music that exalts Christ. Music is truly a language of the soul and a vital part of the believers’ life.

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The Leaders & Conductors

Joe Mullet Biblical Studies Teacher
                Joe Mullet
        Biblical Studies Teacher


Joe Mullet is an energetic but gentle shepherd-leader with a passion to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus Christ and draw people to Him through every day encounters. Joe lives in Sugarcreek, Ohio with his wife Ina. He first traveled to Israel in 2000 on an in-depth study trip with Ray VanderLaan and has been leading groups with Talmidim Studies for the past several years. Joe is a pastor at Shekinah Covenant and owner of Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers in Sugarcreek. He enjoys deep conversation, traveling, meeting new people and spoiling his young grandson who lives nearby. He is greatly anticipating this time of studying and singing together in the land of Israel.






      Leonard Miller—Conductor

Leonard Miller is a 32 year old with a passion for Jesus Christ and learning more of him every day. He lives near Walhonding, Ohio with his wife Melissa, two daughter Brielle & Kyra and son Lakota. Construction is his vocation and what he has done in some form for the past 18 years. Leonard’s hobbies consist of reading, spending time with his family, listening to choral music, studying God’s word and listening to sermons. He has a passion for quality music that glorifies God and had the privilege of attending Shenandoah Christian Music Camp for four years where he gathered a tremendous amount of knowledge from the instructors. He has also conducted the Pillar of Truth Choir from Holmes County, Ohio and surrounding communities. Leonard is excited to have the privilege of leading Covenant Chorale in this trip to Israel along with Leonard Mast and looks forward to working with everyone who participates.




Leonard Mast Assistant Conductor
         Leonard Mast—Assistant Conductor

Leonard Mast refers to himself as a “BMW” –balding, middle-aged, white man. Jesus is the passion of Leonard’s life and wants everyone to find the freedom that comes from having Him as Lord and Saviour. Leonard lives in Harrison, Arkansas with his wife Caroline and three sons, Travis, Tristan, and Derrick. His work is pastoring at Hillcrest Home. He enjoys hiking, basketball, music, spending time with his family, and many other things for which life seems way too short. Leonard is looking forward to traveling to Israel with this singing group to learn and minister in the way God leads.